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Visual/db (V.3.0)
    Visual/db (V.3.0)
    Visual/db (V.3.0)
        Windows 3.X
        Windows 3.X
        DEC Pathworks
        LAN Server
      = Unlimited phone support 
      Source code RDBMS for Microsoft's Visual Basic for Windows. Creates,
      reads and writes dBase-type database index and memo files. Provides
      database access routines, database management forms, query language,
      help system and calls. Provides auto-indexing, data integrity
      checking, variable-length fields and relational links between tables.- 
      RDBMS for Microsoft's Visual Basic for Windows. Consists of database
      access routines, database management forms, a query language, a help
      system and a library of calls. Database access routines allow users to
      define new files with familiar-to-them field lengths and types.
      Utilizes a B+ Tree indexing system and sorts records by any data in
      the database. Search routines can find by full or partial key, exact,
      next, previous, first or last key and supports unique and non-unique
      keys. Database management forms include Create, DispStrc, Index,
      Browse, Pack, Zap, Editor and Sample. Create defines a new database
      file, DispStrc shows the structure of any database file, Index builds
      a new index based on user input and Browse browses, edits and appends
      records to a database. Pack removes deleted records from a database,
      Zap collapses a database leaving the structure intact, Editor provides
      a text editor and Sample shows the applications using the database,
      index and memos. The database query and data formatting facility
      allows a user's applications to accept input to dynamically process
      record selections, build new index files or create custom reports at
      runtime. The help system searches by keywords and topics, utilizes
      hyperlinks to locate information or browses through system's features.
      Routines in the Calls library allow multiple files to be open at once
      and perform such functions as record and field access, string passing,
      index key addition or removal, error message display and international
      character set support.
      = 200 KB 
      = 100 KB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $299 
      = 1993