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db/LIB Database Library
    db/LIB Database Library
    db/LIB Database Library
      Gives Microsoft BASIC and QuickBASIC programs relational database
      capability by managing standard dBase III files. Contains 3 libraries
      of application-building data management routines which read and write
      disk files, supply BASIC source for DBMS routines and process BASIC
      language expressions entered at run-time.- 
      Library of DBMS routines designed to work with Microsoft QuickBASIC
      and BASIC PDS. Consists of a file access library of store and
      retrieve, sort and find and text management activities, a data
      management library of ready to run routines and a database query
      library that includes data operations and a Just CALL subroutine.
      Store and retrieve routines read and write fields and records, add new
      records, create new files, change existing file structures, open
      several files simultaneously and link them relationally, copy selected
      fields or files to other files and store field definitions. Sort and
      find routines build indexes and provide access to each, build keys,
      and find with full or partial key, skip next, previous, first and
      last. Text management stores associated blocks of text for any
      database record and can hold up to 32K bytes of data in a memo field.
      Ready to run routines include directory access menus, full screen
      record append and record editing, selected record copying, listing and
      removal and index building or rebuilding. The database query library
      allows users to select, format and modify database records. The Just
      CALL subroutine creates and simultaneously opens up 250 data, index or
      memo files. Accepts data expressions in dBase or BASIC syntax, builds
      new index keys and filters records for processing, validates records
      and supports data manipulation functions. Performs date validation
      and conversion to ten formats and date arithmetic operations.= 256 KB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $99-$189 
      = 1987