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db/LIB Network Database Platform (V.2.0)
    db/LIB Network Database Platform (V.2.0)
    db/LIB Network Database Platform (V.2.0)
      DBMS for LAN. Manages standard dBase database and index files. Keeps
      100 files open simultaneously. Indexes and sorts in any order and
      finds by full or partial keys. Compatible with QuickBASIC and BASIC
      Adds LAN technology to db/LIB. Allows users to open any file for
      shared, exclusive or read only access. Includes automatic index and
      new record locking and unlocking and simultaneous record lock for
      secure editing. Releases all locked records upon file close. Protects
      files from damage by network or crash and can assist with solving
      multi-user data base contentions. Provides file, field and record
      encryption with password protection. Can handle any number of
      simultaneous users of executable (EXE) programs or files and performs
      step by step single-user to multi-user conversion. Allows multi-user
      programs to run on network or standalone. Allows users to configure
      automatic retry and timeout systems. Includes a multi-user data
      management library and TEST-NET network data base diagnostic program.= 384 KB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $575 
      = 1989