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NIKA_ROOT Apex Software Corp.
True DBGrid 4.0
    True DBGrid 4.0
    True DBGrid 4.0
      Libraries, Components, and Frameworks
          = 1996 
        Windows 3.1
        Windows 95
        Windows NT
      4.0. Adds features such as font and color control of individual cells using
      Word-like style, input masking, Excel-like splits, drop-down combo and list
      boxes, drag-and-drop support, multiple row and column selection, unbound
      columns, automatic field value translation, in-cell graphics, check boxes,
      radio buttons, and command buttons. The unbound mode lets programmers use
      any data or DBMS with the grid. The use of Column Objects and advanced OLE
      technology makes the grid easy to use both at design time and by code.
      Ships with both 16- and 32-bit OCXs. Supports Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Win
      32s, and Windows NT. $199.95.= $199 
      = 1996