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NIKA_ROOT Assured Information Systems, Inc. AIS-CRMS => AIS-CRMS
Assured Information Systems, Inc. => Assured Information Systems, Inc.
      = support agreement available 
      Provides indexing, retrieval and control of information for multiple
      departments. Designed primarily to index and retrieve file folders.
      Includes check in and check out feature using bar code. Can be used
      to index manuals, reports, microfilm and other information.- 
      Multi-level classification system for indexing, retrieval and control
      information for multiple departments including file folders, manuals,
      reports and microfilm. Identifies each record type within the
      department and provides a retention schedule with record series
      description, media type, governing laws, vital records and security
      codes and length of time record is retained in the department, central
      file or records center. Computes file removal and destruction dates
      based on the retention schedule. File folder information includes file
      number, description, date range of the record and file location.
      Computes file removal and destruction dates in accordance with the
      folder location, date of record and corresponding retention period.
      Supports keyword indexing. Utilizes Boolean logic in keyword
      searching. Prints file folder labels. Interactive browse mode allows
      users to add, change, delete and search any record, set a filter to
      display any combination of active, inactive or history records, view
      files alphabetically by title or numerically by number and perform
      keyword search and check out and edit functions on files. Contains a
      file for destroyed records which also acts as an audit trail and can
      be purged by date destroyed. Request file provides an audit trail on
      all requests and indicates location of the file. Lists files added,
      requested or removed and charges back to user departments accordingly.
        bar code
      = 640 KB 
      = No 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $5,000 (single-user); $7,500 (multi-user) 
      = 10 
      = 1990 
        Assured Information Systems, Inc.
            Assured Information Systems, Inc.
      Assured Information Systems, Inc.
          Assured Information Systems, Inc.