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NIKA_ROOT Asymetrix Corp.
InfoModeler 1.5
    InfoModeler 1.5
    InfoModeler 1.5
      CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
          = 1996 
      Enables the database professional to create a database schema using English
      facts and examples. Represents an implementation of object-role modeling
      (ORM), a methodology popularized at the University of Queensland by Dr.
      Terry Halpin. ORM provides the ability to assign a wide variety of rules
      and constraints for business rules, triggers, and stored procedures.
      Automatically maps the conceptual model to an optimally normalized
      relational schema creating entities, attributes, relationships, indexes,
      business rules, triggers, stored procedures, and check clauses. Generates a
      database definition language for specific targeted databases including:
      Oracle7, Sybase System 10, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Basic,
      Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Borland Paradox for Windows, and Borland
      dBASE for Windows. $395-$1995, depending upon target development
      environment.= $395-$1995, depending upon target development environment 
      = 1996