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PC-File for Windows (V.6.0)
    PC-File for Windows (V.6.0)
    PC-File for Windows (V.6.0)
        Windows 3.X
        Windows 3.X
        LAN Manager
      Supports mouse, telephone dialing and phone log, dBase index
      compatibility, macros, text formatting, mail merge, word wrap, label
      generator, multiple input screens, scroll bars, windows, dialog boxes
      and maximum of 250 fields. PostScript-compatible. Imports and
      exports ASCII, Lotus, dBase, Excel, DBF, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word,
      DIF, SDF and user-defined file formats.
        auto dial
        macro utility
      = 512 KB 
      = 1.5 MB 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $150 (single-user); $450 (network) 
      = 1992