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DacEasy Instant Rolodex Live! (V.2.0)
    DacEasy Instant Rolodex Live! (V.2.0)
    DacEasy Instant Rolodex Live! (V.2.0)
      = Maint. fee $25 per yr.; tech support via BBS; 
      tech support via on-line access- 
      Information management system. Prints continuous form file cards.
      Creates labels and envelopes. Provides on-screen database, mailing
      list management and multi-criteria query.- 
      Computerizes Rolodex card files by creating file cards, mailing
      labels, envelopes and customized reports from stored information.
      Locates record, makes changes and prints out new card for files.
      Includes built-in formats for individuals or organizations. Enters
      information or modifies any one of 50 fields to fit specific needs.
      Users may enter up to six descriptive words or phrases, that has
      particular meaning to them, to search by. Provides seven fields for
      sorting. Remains RAM resident in 7K. Features on-screen database with
      over 50 modifiable fields. Provides instant searching and sorting
      with list up to six key words per record. Prints Rolodex cards in two
      sizes on continuous feed cards or on new laser printer card sheets.
      Prints customized labels and envelopes, continuous labels and multiple
      records. Full-screen editing allows easy additions, deletions or
      changes. Includes automatic phone dialer with access and PBX code
      memory. Offers 65,000 records per database and optional RAM-residency
      for instant access even while using other programs. Shares data with
      Rolodex electronic organizers. Includes 5.25" and 3.5" diskettes.
      Creates custom reports with powerful Query feature. Imports data in
      seven formats.
        mail list management
      = 256 KB 
      = 840 KB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $50 
      = 1991 
        DacEasy, Inc.
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                = 214–248–0305 
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