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NIKA_ROOT Dataflight Software, Inc.
Concordance Information Retrieval System (V.5.0)
    Concordance Information Retrieval System (V.5.0)
    Concordance Information Retrieval System (V.5.0)
      = Free phone support; addl. support agreement 
      Full text information retrieval DBMS. Provides Boolean, proximity and
      relational search logic. Supports on-line editing, input and
      retrieval of unformatted full text and fixed length data.
      Applications include CD-ROM, litigation support, resume retrieval,
      notes, regulations. Read-only version available. Includes
      highlighted browse mode, report writer, editor and on-line
      dictionaries. Professional edition includes applications development
      programming language.- 
      Text search and retrieval data base system locates and retrieves
      on-line card catalogs, manuals, documents, depositions, scripts and
      research. Interactive query language locates information. Boolean,
      context, proximity and relational searching are supported. Queries
      can be saved and replayed. Pull-down menus access all features.
      Function keys provide short-cuts. Includes on-line context-sensitive
      help. Data bases contain fixed length text, date, numeric and free
      text fields. Free text fields store up to 65,000 characters. Data
      bases can contain up to 2,000,000 records. Includes Report Writer,
      Import and Export, Dictionaries, Editor, Browse, Stopwords, Print, Cut
      and Paste, Global Editing and Wordwrap. Language allows programmers
      and consultants to develop applications utilizing custom menus,
      reports, data entry screens, pop-up authority lists, data validation
      and automated searches. Applications can insulate casual users from
      advanced features and functions. Available in multi-user and network
      editions. Multi-user systems provide full support for file and record
      locking, simultaneous multi-user editing, searching and reporting.
      = 512 KB; 640 KB (LAN) 
      = 500 KB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = EGA 
      = $495-$3,000 
      = 1988