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    Key Record Build
    Key Record Build
      = Lease plans avail. 
      Indexing software. Consists of 8 modules to perform all necessary
      steps for database construction. Accepts input from any source that
      provides structured records. Supports formats include DIF, SDF and
      delimited file structures. Input files include ASCII, EBCDIC, packed
      decimal and binary formats.- 
      Indexing software. Consists of eight modules to perform all necessary
      steps for database construction. Offers structured records with a
      consistent format such as those produced by DBMS, photocomposition or
      word processing systems. Handles records that contain ASCII, EBCDIC,
      packed decimal and LSB binary data in any combination. Supports date
      formats including alphabetic or numeric month. Offers field in record
      options including fixed length, variable with length preceding or
      variable and delimited. Handles two million records, 32,000 fields
      per record and 32,000 index fields. Provides full developer control of
      data definitions in dictionary. Dictionary field functions include
      add, copy, edit, insert and delete. Provides a brief and expanded
      definition for each dictionary element. Offers statistics report
      generator, report viewing and printing. Prepares 15 separate reports
      during processing. Offers summary reports for conversion, indexing
      and time logging. Error reports include record number, byte offset
      and error condition. Offers automatic conversion of fields to
      space-optimized format. Offers error conditions for invalid fields,
      including none, error logged, record not output and processing stop.
      Provides developer-defined custom field validation functions.
      Includes stopword list for each text field. Provides full control of
      processing and statistics reporting including interrupt restart, start
      and stop positions in input file, report and process limits on errors,
      and logging. Automatically generates control parameters for indexing.
      Saves and restores processing definitions for repeated productions.
      Offers context-sensitive help.= 640 KB 
      = 5 MB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = EGA 
      = $18,000 
      = 1988 
        Dataware Technologies, Inc.
      Dataware Technologies, Inc.