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NIKA_ROOT Dataware Technologies, Inc.
Record ReferenceBook
    Record ReferenceBook
    Record ReferenceBook
      Retrieval software for accessing databases prepared with Dataware's
      Key Record Build tools. Provides record selection based on
      user-defined criteria. Selected records may be viewed, printed or
      copied to hard disk in any develop-defined data view.- 
      Retrieval software for accessing databases prepared with Dataware's
      Key Record build tools. Allows user to view, print or copy selected
      records onto hard disk in any developer-defined data view. Provides
      record selection based on user-defined selection criteria. Key Record
      Configure configures options, commands, window contents and data
      views. Offers 500 record selection windows. Handles Boolean logic.
      Allows user to save search strategy to hard disk and later restored.
      Offers field-specific record selection. Displays index wheel of
      extracted terms for any indexed field. Automatically pastes index
      word into selection template. Automatically applies transparent
      record selection criteria if developer defined. Runs in tutorial
      mode. Offers function selection, pull-down lists of menu options and
      temporary or permanent exit to DOS. Allows user to select or
      de-select records for further display, pick lists of
      developer-designed data views. Provides automatic positioning within
      data view according to position within result list. Includes user
      notepad for copying and saving results. Provides horizontal scrolling
      of text that exceeds window size, up to 255 characters. Automatically
      displays data in repeating fields. Sorts results on user-defined
      fields. Sorts in ascending or descending order. Offers optional case
      sensitivity in sort. Offers context sensitive help and help table of
      contents. Allows developer to configure all text and interrelated
      term links.
        text retrieval
      = 425 KB 
      = 200 KB 
      = No 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = CGA 
      = $25-$400 
      = 1988 
        Dataware Technologies, Inc.
      Dataware Technologies, Inc.