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SQL Commander (V.2.3a)
    SQL Commander (V.2.3a)
    SQL Commander (V.2.3a)
        Windows 3.X
        Windows 3.X
        LAN Manager
      = 90-day free phone support 
      Front-end utility for querying and administering SQL Server databases.
      Requires Microsoft's SQL Server. Allows users to create, query, edit
      and secure SQL tables. Features pull-down menus and interactive
      point-and-click creation, running and saving of ad hoc queries.
      Employs DDE facilities of Microsoft's Windows, Excel and Word for
      Builds ad hoc queries using prompted query interface. Clicks on the
      tables and columns for query and one more click runs it. Selects up
      to five tables for queries involving JOINS and generates appropriate
      WHERE clauses automatically. Allows queries to be saved for later
      reply. Allows queries to be brought out to Windows Desktop.
      Represents queries on Desktop as individual icons. Mouse click brings
      up query result without having to go into SQL Commander. Query by
      example is designed for all novice users. All column fields for a
      table are displayed for user to type selection criteria. Provides
      database editing and results are unlimited in size and can be
      presented in either table mode (the entire result for viewing) or form
      mode (one row at a time) for editing. Browse through query results
      using VCR fast forward, rewind and pause buttons. User may insert,
      update and delete rows as they go. Provides gateway to other
      applications and data sources. Delivers information received from
      queries directly into spreadsheet or word processor with DDE. User
      may import/export data conversion capability and easily move data
      between SQL Server and Xbase, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1–2–3 and other
      SQL sources. Creates SQL tables automatically for converting from
      Xbase.= 1 MB 
      = 512 KB 
      = No 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = EGA 
      = $195 (single-user); $795-$1,595 (multi-user) 
      = 3,500 
      = 1992