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NIKA_ROOT Emerald Bay Group
Vulcan (V.2.1)
    Vulcan (V.2.1)
    Vulcan (V.2.1)
      Xbase language interface to Emerald Bay database system. Includes
      Vulcan interpreter, EXE compiler and linker, database repair and log
      replay programs, 2-user database server and database administrator.- 
      Xbase language interface to the Emerald Bay database system. Vulcan
      consists of the Vulcan Interpreter, EXE Compiler and Linker, Emerald
      Bay Database Engine, Database Repair Program, Database Log Replay
      Program, 2-User Database Server, Database Administrator, Screen
      Painter, Rosetta import/export, Report Writer, External Routine
      Libraries, and Sample Programs. The TSR Database Engine manages data
      and index files, automatically opening and updating indexes as records
      are added, changed and deleted. Databases consists of two disk files
      including a data file and an index file. Stores up to 1,000 indexes
      in each index file. DBF files become tables, and the user can open
      seven databases simultaneously, providing access to up to 7,000
      tables. The Data Dictionary describes the structure of each table and
      field in a database. Variable length data fields enable a smaller
      database than traditional DBF files. Datatypes include character,
      Boolean, integer, binary coded decimal, real, date and time. A
      special binary datatype lets the user store documents, programs and
      images of any size. Field arrays support fields of up to 100
      elements. Security information stored in the database tells the
      program what data each user is allowed to access, and how the users
      are allowed to use the data, such as read-only, write, add and delete.
      Uses a combination of username and password to control access. The
      DBA program is a tool for creating databases, defining tables and
      fields, creating indexes, and setting user security.
        database server
      = 512 KB 
      EMS= Yes 
      = $395 
      = 1990