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EnforceBase (V.2.0)
    EnforceBase (V.2.0)
    EnforceBase (V.2.0)
      = Free phone support 
      Data-integrity tool designed for managers of multi-user Xbase database
      systems. Ensures that data in database is logically correct.
      Utilizes Xbase command syntax and checks for violating records
      Data-integrity tool used to ensure the accuracy and validity of dBase
      III+, dBase IV, FoxPro and Clipper compatible files. Provides
      mainframe-like integrity checking for the Xbase database system.
      Creates rules to verify entity, domain and referential integrity.
      Verifies that data is within a specific range or set of values.
      Ensures that foreign key or parent/child relationships are valid.
      Allows user to define and enforce custom business rules that apply
      only to user-specific business situations. Automatically runs
      unattended to locate and report integrity violations in any Xbase
      database system. Establishes a dictionary of the data files and
      indexes in the database system. Guides user through the creation of
      the needed rules to enforce those files. Provides reporting and
      correction options. Browse/Fix feature allows user to view and
      correct violations from within the Rule Manager. Reports violating
      records to a printer, deletes them or moves them to an exception file
      for other corrective actions. Confirms the logical correctness of
      data. Works with existing databases and applications. Supports
      custom user-defined business rules. Runs against data files that
      reside on a local PC or on a network file server. Supports
      multi-file, foreign key relationships. Allows user to turn rules off
      and on individually. Stores rules for on-going use and regular
      database checkups.= 640 KB 
      = 1.5 MB 
      = No 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $149 
      = 1992