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NIKA_ROOT Extended Systems, Inc.
ExtendBase for Netware 386 (V.1.2)
    ExtendBase for Netware 386 (V.1.2)
    ExtendBase for Netware 386 (V.1.2)
        Novell Netware
      = Free phone support 
      Builds indexes, processes queries and generates reports. Processes
      data on file server, where it is stored. Works with existing
      databases and indexes. Requires no reformatting data or changing of
      file formats. Uses dBase-compatible commands.- 
      Utilizes client/server technology and multi-threaded algorithms to
      build indexes, process queries and generate reports. Works with
      existing databases and creates indexes in standard dBase and Clipper
      file formats. No reformatting or changing file format is necessary.
      Also uses dBase-compatible commands so users do not have to learn new
      database languages. Consists of a NetWare Loadable Module and four
      different client interfaces. These interfaces give users who are
      familiar with a particular application access to the features of this
      program. The ExtendBase USE interface is a command interpreter, like
      the dBase dot prompt. Provides experienced dBase users with the
      command line, as well as the ability to set up batch processing jobs.
      The ExtendBase Query Processor is a menu-driven interface. Enables
      users to use the program without learning the dBase command syntax.
      The ExtendBase Clipper Interface allows users of existing Clipper
      programs to access the program by adding an include file and
      recompiling. The Lotus 1–2–3 DataLens Interface allows 1–2–3 users to
      define queries and extract dBase data directly into spreadsheets,
      without exiting the 1–2–3 environment.
      = 640 KB 
      = 1 MB 
      = No 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $395 
      = 1992