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NIKA_ROOT Hilco Software
Head Fix 1.14
    Head Fix 1.14
    Head Fix 1.14
      Disk and File Utilities
          = 1996 
      dBXL, FoxBase, FoxBase+, FoxPro, and Quicksilver database headers that are
      less than 2GB. Cannot fix headers that are missing field names, field
      types, or field lengths. Command-line operation allows DOS wildcards and
      parameters for analysis only; no memo files, unattended operation, disk
      output, help menu, or sending documentation to a disk file or to the
      printer. Automatically corrects the header length, record length, record
      counter, field offsets, and lower-case field-name characters, and places an
      EOF marker in the correct location. Memo files are repaired by resetting
      the next block pointer, which indicates the next block to be written to the
      file. Compatible with LANs. $59.95.= $59 
      = 1996