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PC/Focus (Rel.6.01)
PC/Focus (Rel.6.01)
    PC/Focus (Rel.6.01)
      AT&T StarLAN
    = Maint. fee $275-$395 per yr. after first yr. 
    Application development and decision-support environment. Implements
    client/server architecture, supports cooperative processing,
    reporting, graphics and statistics. Includes password protection,
    restricted access levels, data encryption and audit trails.
    Production Runtime Facility and Interactive Runtime Facility versions
    available. Accesses more than 45 types of files from
    relational/hierarchical databases on over 35 hardware platforms.- 
    Provides comprehensive reporting, lively business graphics and
    statistics, and automatic facilities for generating processing logic,
    screen forms and database designs. Includes menu-driven
    point-and-click interfaces. Interactive PC/FOCUS Talk utilities
    include facilities for reporting, graphics, database definition and
    creation, data management applications, window-driven interfaces and
    forms painting. Automatically generates required FOCUS 4GL
    statements. Creates database applications with quick application
    design and records display. Browse, search, add, change and delete
    values and records in those databases with Browser. Screen Painter
    develops custom screen forms that may be saved and brought into
    Browser to display or edit existing database records. Schedules
    unattended jobs and job groups to execute on a specified date/time or
    periodic basis, with conditions or exception specified with Job
    Scheduler. EDA ready for enterprise-wide cooperative processing.
    Provides built in LAN support. Use other products without leaving
    current document. Includes a full range of data import/export
    functions from within HotScreen report display environment. Advanced
    business graphics available under EMS. Features distributed
    processing through EDA/SQL. Provides interactive file transfer and
    emulation link.
      application development
      decision support
    = 1.5 MB (DOS); 2 MB (OS/2) 
    = 3.8–6.8 MB 
    = Yes 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= No 
    = CGA 
    = $798 (DOS); $1,295 (OS/2) 
    = 100,000 
    = 1991