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NIKA_ROOT Interactive Software Systems Inc.
UDMS (The User Data Management System) (V.4.0)
    UDMS (The User Data Management System) (V.4.0)
    UDMS (The User Data Management System) (V.4.0)
        HP/HP-UX, MPE/iX
        IBM RS/6000/AIX
      = Lease plans avail. 
      = Maint. fee 15% of purchase price per yr.; 90-day 
      toll-free phone support- 
      Reporting and data management tool. Allows user full read and write
      access to data, across multiple databases, file structures and
      platforms. Allows users to report, query, read, write, change,
      delete, text-merge and graph data.- 
      A reporting and data management tool. Provides an intuitive,
      menu-driven environment for simultaneously accessing information from
      the most common database systems. Provides access to multiple
      databases and file structures, including Rdb, RMS, VAX-DBMS, Ingres,
      Oracle, CISAM, Sybase, AcuCOBOL, Supra, Informix and RS/1. Users can
      define their own reports, perform on-line queries, merge text and
      data, produce labels, visualize data through charts and graphs,
      summarize information and export data to PCs. Provides a read and
      write environment. Users with appropriate security privileges can
      add, change and delete data as well as develop data entry applications
      accessing multiple databases. The data management environment helps
      developers convert from old applications to new database systems. The
      ability to read and write multiple database formats simultaneously
      provides a direct mechanism to move data from one database to another.= 1 MB 
      = $4,500-$100,000 
      = 1,600 
      = 1987