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NOMAD Extended (V.3.4)
    NOMAD Extended (V.3.4)
    NOMAD Extended (V.3.4)
        LAN Manager
      = phone support 
      4GL RDBMS for developing standalone, cooperative and client/server
      applications for end-user computing. Supports client/server access to
      Gupta's SQLBase, Oracle and Microsoft's and Sybase's SQL Server in LAN
      environment and Rdb and RMS in VAX/VMS environment. Includes end-user
      reporting, data extraction tools and CUA-style developer's toolkit.- 
      Implements a 4GL for application development and end-user computing.
      Provides an application development toolkit, a report writer,
      comprehensive non-procedural and procedural languages, and a
      multi-window capability with CUA-style action bars and pull-down menus
      for the development of standalone, client/server, or cooperative
      applications. Nomad Extended is suitable for developing large,
      mission-critical LAN client/server-based applications. It
      incorporates Rational System's DOS/16M Extender technology to break
      the traditional 640K barrier of the DOS environment and to free up
      memory for LAN software, emulators and other TSRs. Runs almost
      exclusively in extended memory. Database definition features include
      the Schema which defines relational databases to Nomad. Schema
      statements are used to create database, define key lists and unique
      record enforcement, create indexes, establish database password
      checking, establish report headings, error message strings, and data
      integrity constraints, and to define Nomad referential integrity
      between tables and foreign keys. Integrity constraints are supported
      for database items or &variables. Theses constraints establish a mask
      pattern to which values must conform. Restricts values to those
      specified for the primary key of a master, and specifies a range or
      specific allowable values. These constraints also prohibit not
      available messages, provide automatic verification of numeric values
      for numeric fields, and provide automatic date verification. Data
      types include alpha fixed or varying 1–255 characters, numeric integer
      or decimal, date, datetime, display, dump, logical, name, time, and
      scientific notation. Any database item or variable can be specified
      as an array. Fixed and varying array data structures are supported.
      = 3 MB 
      = 5 MB 
      = Yes 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $125 (run-time); $995 (single-user); $2,895 (developer) 
      = 12,000 
      = 1992