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NOMAD Rdb/VMS Interface and Server (V.3.1)
    NOMAD Rdb/VMS Interface and Server (V.3.1)
    NOMAD Rdb/VMS Interface and Server (V.3.1)
      = Maint. fee 12.5–18% of current purchase price 
      per yr. after first yr.- 
      Provides full read/write access by multiple users to Rdb data coupled
      with NOMAD for complete application development and reporting.- 
      These programs provide fully integrated access to DEC's Rdb/VMS. Nomad
      and the Interface are used to develop VAX/VMS multi-user applications
      with Rdb/VMS on a timesharing system. Also used to develop multi-user
      applications with Rdb/VMS using a client/server architecture on a
      DECnet network. Clients can be Nomad in the VAX/VMS, PC-DOS, and OS/2
      environments. The Interface and Server both provide the same
      capabilities. Using either, the user can read and write to existing
      Rdb/VMS tables, create new tables and create new Rdb/VMS databases.
      All of Nomad's 4GL components are available, including database
      definition, data manipulation, reporting, windows, and procedural
      language functions. Existing Rdb/VMS tables can be accessed without
      redefining them. Also supports DEC's dictionary product, CDD/Plus.
      Using the same application code, the user can migrate between
      timesharing and client/server architectures, and between client Nomad
      environments. Database definition features include Schema, which can
      be used to create new Rdb/VMS tables, or access existing tables by
      specifying the Rdb/VMS table names. Numerous capabilities are
      supported. Integrity constraints are supported for database items or
      variables. Data types include alpha fixed or varying 1–255 characters,
      numeric integer or decimal, date, time, datetime, dump, display, name,
      and scientific notation.
        application development
      = $800-$77,100 
      = 1990