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ODB/Server (V.1.0)
    ODB/Server (V.1.0)
    ODB/Server (V.1.0)
      Open Database/Server which provides direct client/server access to DB2
      data for NOMAD users on DOS and OS/2 workstations. Features mainframe
      server which responds to large numbers of simultaneous users on client
      machines. ODB/Client API follows Microsoft's Open Database
      Connectivity Interface specification to provide access to DB2 from
      Windows and variety of non-NOMAD applications.- 
      Cooperative product designed to provide client/server access to
      mainframe data from workstations. Access can take the form of
      interactive ad hoc queries, or query/retrieval/update applications.
      Used for decision support or productions systems. User is given
      access to host data through an open API. Offers the application
      developer, a programming interface based on Microsoft's Open Database
      Connectivity Interface specification. In the Windows environment, the
      ODB/Client is an ODBC driver. COMSRV, a communications server executes
      as a VTAM application. It is defined as a logical unit in the VTAM
      tables and can be a session partner with other LUs on the SNA network.
      Part of the transport layer, its job is to allow communications.
      Data request units flow from the ODB/Client through COMSRV to ATPS and
      RM. ATPS is responsible for accepting messages, passing through to
      the RM, queuing messages if they cannot be serviced immediately,
      dispatching tasks to accomplish transactions and passing the results
      of data queries back to the appropriate requestor. The RM is
      responsible for understanding the content of the message and accessing
      the database engine. Access is through the DB2 Call Attach Facility.
      = 1993