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Ocelot Computer Services, Inc.
OCELOT2 - THE SQL! (V.2.13)
    OCELOT2 - THE SQL! (V.2.13)
    OCELOT2 — THE SQL! (V.2.13)
      = Free phone support 
      RDBMS library and precompiler for writing 3GL programs with embedded
      SQL in BASIC, C, or Pascal. Compatible with IBM's DB2 and complies
      with ANSI SQL Level 2. For DOS and Windows programmers.- 
      Personal Edition consists of an interactive, command-driven SQL
      interface for on-line queries, a SQL compiler, a data base library and
      a customizer for screen I/O and date/time formats. Professional
      Edition adds a Query-By-Example report writer with source code and an
      unlimited runtime royalty license plus 32-bit libraries. Provides host
      language and interfaces to SQL, encryption of data and
      retrieval/update/sort features in a relational environment. Can be
      called from high-level languages or used for ad-hoc interactive
      queries with the same syntax. Allows user to enter and execute SQL
      queries on line, and displays results on screen allowing the user to
      scroll back and forth through them. Precompiler checks source code for
      SQL syntax errors and translates the embedded SQL statements into
      calls. Allows multiple jobs to run at the same time, reading and
      updating the same files, in any multi-computer LAN with up to 16
      users. Supports NetBIOS commands including reset, call, listen, send,
      receive, add, name, adapter status, hang up and session status. Allows
      data bases to contain up to 255 files, each with up to 80,000,000
      records spread over 255 data tables. Tables may contain 254 columns
      with up to 4,096 characters in each column.= 320 KB 
      = 720 KB 
      = No 
      EMS= No 
      MOUSE= No 
      = $695 (single-user); $1,450 (multi-user) 
      = 2,000 
      = 1991