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    AIO WIN 2.1
    CASE, Database Design, and Modeling Tools
        = 1996 
    A function modeling and activity-based costing support tool for Windows
    that is used to document activities, their relationships, and their
    associated inputs, outputs, controls, and mechanisms (ICOMs), as well as
    capture process time and resource costs for activities, resources, and
    products. Automatically calculates total activity costs, and collates and
    reports the results for each activity in a cost roll-up dialog. The
    dialog's build report option generates formatted text output of the results
    that can be exported to a spreadsheet-compatible or flat ASCII text file.
    Additionally, the product shares information with other tools, such as
    GroupSystems V and ABC Technology's Easy ABC, through the standard IDEFO
    IDL interface. Offers various windows in which to develop, edit, and
    analyze a project: the diagram, matrix, and node windows. Users can
    organize levels of model detail through decompositions that illustrate how
    one activity can be composed of several more finite activities. The model
    merge and split feature coordinates team modeling efforts by allowing
    models to be constructed in subsets with the results merged into a single
    model or, conversely, by splitting a large model into smaller submodels.
    $2995. Government pricing available.= $2995 
    = 1996