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    Computerized Records Management System. Provides security, retrieval
    and control over organization's records whether they are stored
    in-house or in commercial records center or both. Maintains retention
    schedules based on global and/or departmental schemes. Classifies
    records and reports volume by type of media. Establishes and manages
    space allocation for multiple records centers.- 
    Designed to manage inactive records. Provides security, retrieval and
    control over records regardless of their location. Develops retention
    schedules to classify organizational records whether they are stored
    on paper, microfilm, magnetic media, or any other media. Assigns
    retention periods for each record classification for use in automatic
    destruction date calculation. Specifies which records are vital,
    restricted to the originating department, or need to be secured.
    Allows user to add review codes to override destruction dates in the
    event of litigation, tax audits or governing laws. Maintains volume
    statistics for each record type. Utilizes computer- or user-assigned
    box numbers and allows for unique sequential numbers or the actual box
    location. Validates new boxes against the retention schedule,
    calculates destruction dates and assigns storage space. Groups of
    related boxes can be assigned contiguous locations. Tracks out-of-file
    records until they are returned. Generates request tracking memos and
    prints bar code on the memos to increase the speed of updating request
    data. Maintains a list of authorized users which may include
    department managers, coordinators and any record-requesting employees.
    Generates cost allocation reports by department including detailed and
    summarized reports that indicate each department's charges associated
    with requests and the processing, storage and destruction of boxes.
    Requests reports include processed, unfilled and open requests.= 640 KB 
    = No 
    EMS= No 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $7,500 (single-user); $10,000 (multi-user) 
    = 70 
    = 1990 
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