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AP Form (V.4.0)
    AP Form (V.4.0)
    = phone support 
    Augments Paradox form and report editors. Allows user to copy and
    move report areas, access list of fields while creating calculated
    fields and draw connecting borders. Supports Paradox versions 3, 3.5
    and 4.- 
    Enhances Paradox with a range of utilities. Copy and/or move entire
    areas of a report or form including fields and formulas. Access field
    names while creating calculated fields. Color all the fields in a
    form differently from other areas. Toggle fields between regular and
    display only with one key. Create connecting borders in forms and
    reports. Move between fields with the TAB key and simplify many
    multi-level menu selections to one key. In Paradox 4, the right mouse
    button provides context sensitive menus. Right mouse click to place
    fields and convert fields from regular to summary. View and modify
    all of a report's page and printer settings and all of a field's
    validity settings in one screen. Set table attributes (frame, shadow,
    location and size) interactively and save them for automatic retrieval
    the next time the table is viewed. Fully integrated with Paradox and
    can be invoked from Paradox's main menu or while editing a form or
    report. Supports Paradox 3.0, 3.5 and 4.o in standard mode.
    = 650 KB 
    = 700 KB 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $99 (single-user); $295 (network) 
    = 1992