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Accell/SQL 2.5
    Accell/SQL 2.5
    Client/Server and Host Application Development Tools
        = 1996 
    A Unix-based application development system designed to bring open systems
    productivity to application developers. Accell applications are portable to
    Oracle, Informix, Sybase SQL Server, SCO Integra, and Unify 2000 RDBMSs --
    with no additional programming. Its open systems architecture redistributes
    application processing across multiple hardware platforms, optimizing the
    performance of client/server environments. A single application can run
    with a variety of character- and X-based GUIs, including Open Look, Motif,
    and Windows. Combines both an application generator and complete 4GL to
    deliver a high level of productivity for developers. Its application
    generator can produce up to 80 percent of most business applications. A
    full-function 4GL enables developers to program by exception, requiring
    code only for special cases not solved with the application generator.