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AccountMate Professional
    AccountMate Professional
    Business and Financial Applications
        = 1996 
    An accounting software system designed for small- and medium-sized
    businesses, individual operating units of large companies, or departments
    within large corporations. Contains 21 modules, including accounts payable
    and receivable, payroll, order entry, manufacturing, and construction.
    Features a flexible system of integratable standalone programs. Features a
    12- or 13-period accounting cycle, multilevel password protection, detailed
    audit trails, unattended batch printing, more than 1000 reports, and
    customizable program source code. Single-user: $395; unlimited multiuser:
    $695; source code: $200 per module.= Single-user: $395; unlimited multiuser: $695; source code: $200 per module 
    = 1996