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Accounting Series Import Manager (V.7.0)
    Accounting Series Import Manager (V.7.0)
      AT&T UNIX System V
      Apple Macintosh
    Allows users to transport data from spreadsheet or database into
    accounting packages. Provides tool for vertical application
    developers to integrate programs into GPS's accounting software.- 
    Transfers information from other applications to Great Plains
    Accounting. For example, user can transfer budget figures from a
    spreadsheet without rekeying data. Allows user to add records, update
    selected portions of existing records, or do both at the same time.
    Imports files in a variety of popular formats, including DIF, SDF,
    tab-separated and fixed position ASCII. MS-DOS systems can also
    import Btrieve binary format files. Allows import definitions to be
    saved and reused to simplify recurring tasks. Tests data to prevent
    invalid information from being imported and rejects any invalid
    records. Prints an Import Journal listing exactly what was imported,
    giving user a solid audit trail.
    = 640 KB 
    MOUSE= No 
    = $495 (DOS; Mac); $695 (UNIX) 
    = 1993