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AceFile (V.2.0)
    AceFile (V.2.0)
      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = support agreement available 
    Database for Windows. Includes dBase file compatibility, Windows GUI
    and built-in layouts. Loads dBase files, organizes data and prints
    labels, letters, invoices and reports. Summarizes data from different
    sources and cross-tabulates in rows and columns. Hotlinks selected
    records with Excel, Word for Windows or Ami Pro. Includes WYSIWYG and
    telephone dialer function.- 
    Database application gives Windows users interactive access to Xbase
    data files. Offers dBase III/IV data file and index file formats.
    Opens up to ten database files simultaneously. Each database file can
    have up to ten indexes. files. Offers dBase compatible extensions
    and filters. Provides intuitive dialogs to organize database and
    index files. Provides unlimited number of reports. Offers WYSIWYG
    layout using lines, rectangles, circles and fields. Supports fonts,
    headers, footers, and page numbers. Supports grouping and subtotals.
    Reports can be sent to printer, screen or previewed in WYSIWYG mode.
    Mail merge provides built-in text editor with word wrap. Inserts
    variable, fields and expressions for form letters. Selectively merges
    with database for printing and output. Offers pre-defined label
    layouts that can be customized. Displays multiple records in
    spreadsheet-like tables. Handles on-screen column resizing. Adds new
    columns for calculations. Allows customization of columns using
    fonts, grids and colors. Looks up information from tables or
    databases. Displays summary information by groups. Provides total,
    count, average or percentage by groups. Set up DDE hot links with
    spreadsheets and word processors. Plots cross-tabulated data in line,
    bar Gantt and pie charts in 2D and 3D graphs. Use filter expressions
    to select records. Imports or exports data from Lotus 1–2–3,
    Symphony, Microsoft Excel and ASCII delimited files.
      auto dial
    = 2 MB 
    = 2 MB 
    = No 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $199 
    = 1992 
      Ace Software Corp.
          Ace Software Corp.
              1740 Technology Dr., Ste. 680, San Jose, CA 95110
                = 800–345–3223; 408–451–0100 
                = Use main no. 
                = 408–437–1018