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Advanced Revelation (V.3.01)
    Advanced Revelation (V.3.01)
      LAN Manager
    = phone support; addl. support agreement available 
    RDBMS for PCs and LANs. Includes application generator, active data
    dictionary, ANSI-SQL compatible development and programming tools and
    intelligent gateway technology that simultaneously accesses diverse
    data formats.- 
    This application development program for PCs and LANs offers an
    advanced set of development tools coupled with a relational data base
    management system. With its Bonding technology, applications can be
    used to access data located throughout the user's company. Bonded
    applications transparently access various data formats without links,
    imports or exports. Users can also address the international
    marketplace via extended character sets and sort sequences. A utility
    allows for the input of additional character sets and sort sequences
    as well as date, time and currency formats. Defines data without
    defining the physical structure of a file with an active data
    dictionary. Prototype, design and implement applications without
    programming with rapid application generator. Accesses data formats
    such as SQL Server, ORACLE Server, dBase, DB2, ASCII and linear hash.
    Builds menus and pop-ups. Network and client-server compatible.
    Constructs SQL statements. QBE allows data from up to 10 tables, with
    300 columns in each table, to be displayed in the same query window.
    Offers expanded memory space for programs and data. A tutorial
    includes 20 on-line lessons.
      data dictionary
    = 640 KB 
    = 6.5 MB 
    = Yes 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = $1,195 
    = 90,000 
    = 1993