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        = 1997 
    Apptivity Developer and Apptivity Server are development tools for creating
     multitier database applications in Java for the Internet and corporate
     Intranets. Apptivity Developer offers a multitier project manager, visual
     query editor, component-based form designer, source-code editor, and data-aware
     controls that simplify database connectivity. The environment supports
     custom Java modules, user-defined events, and the ability to import external
     Javaobjects for writing applications. The Apptivity Server's all-Java,
     multitier architecture allows an individual server to scale up to hundreds
     of concurrent users. If greater scalability is required, multiple application
     servers can be used in parallel with the Apptivity load balancing option.
     The application server manages sessions, executes Java remotely, and handles
     connections to databases. It also provides data caching, heterogeneous
     joins, and pools database connections to reduce the need for individual
     database connections.= 1996