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Visual Controls for Btrieve 1.0
    Visual Controls for Btrieve 1.0
    Visual Controls for Btrieve 1.0
        Windows 3.X
      Database tool for Visual Basic. Includes relational joins between
      tables and query tools. Supports character, date, numeric,
      floating-point, binary, graphic and logical field types. Includes DDF
      Builder for Windows.- 
      Provides developers using Visual Basic with tools to build Windows
      applications that use Btrieve data. Allows the developer to design
      database applications and link them to Btrieve tables by selecting
      property values. Includes the Btrieve DLL and DDF Builder for
      Windows. Includes VAccess, which connects a form to a Visual Btrieve
      Database. Each VAccess control on a form corresponds to a file in the
      user's database. This master control keeps track of all file
      information including the current index and position. It can be
      joined to other VAccess controls on the form. All other controls are
      bound to the VAccess control. The VAPicture tool displays a bitmap
      image from a Visual Btrieve Database either from picture data stored
      in the file or from a field that contains the filename of a BMP file.
      VATextBox displays and allows the user to edit fields from a Visual
      Btrieve Database. All Btrieve and Visual Basic data types are
      supported. VACommandButton performs operations on a Visual Btrieve
      Database. The VACheckBox and VAOptionButton tools display and allow
      users to modify the state of a Logical field from a Visual Btrieve
      Database. VACombo and VAListBox display a list of selections that can
      be chosen for a field of data in a Visual Btrieve Database. A special
      Index Selection dropdown combo box is available to select the desired
      index path for the Visual Btrieve Database at run-time. VAHScrollBar
      and VAVScrollBar navigate through a Visual Btrieve Database.= 2 MB 
      = 5 MB 
      EMS= Yes 
      MOUSE= Yes 
      = $250 
      = 1993