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BrioQuery 3.5
    BrioQuery 3.5
    Query, Reporting, and Analysis Tools
        = 1996 
    An ad hoc visual query-and-analysis tool with built-in crosstabs and
    reporting designed for data warehouses. Features an optional data model
    repository for central management of shared queries and ADR, for automatic
    distribution and version control. Available for Windows and Macintosh.
    Places a multidimensional analysis tool at the heart of an advanced ad hoc
    SQL query system. The analysis engine supports an intuitive, interactive
    DataPivot-style interface. Also includes a graphical query request builder,
    a one-step band-style reporter, and high-level scripting for building
    desktop EIS systems. Makes the construction of data models -- complete
    query environments that provide centralized control, extended security, and
    enhanced user comprehension -- totally optional. Also supports personal
    data models so users can get data and start analyzing information
    immediately after installation. Available in three configurations:
    Designer, Navigator, and Explorer. Includes native support for Oracle,
    Sybase, Red Brick Warehouse, and Microsoft SQL Server, and accesses more
    than 50 other databases via SequeLink, EDA/SQL, DAL, and ODBC.
      Brio Technology Inc.