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CA-IDMS/PC Computer Associates International, Inc. => Computer Associates International, Inc. CA-DATAQUERY/PC
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    Ad hoc query, data management and reporting system. Supports data
    exchange between PC and mainframe, SQL interface and data
    import/export. Includes novice, intermediate and expert operation
    Designed to work with CA-DATAQUERY, Computer Associate's ad hoc query
    data manipulation and reporting system to make corporate data
    accessible to and shareable with PC users. Supports SQL as well as an
    English-syntax proprietary language, DQL. Users have the option of
    working with SQL or DQL so that customers can take advantage of
    existing SQL expertise, or provide DQL for less-experienced users.
    Users can selectively download data from the mainframe, manipulate it
    at the PC level and generate reports to meet specific needs. Allows
    data to be uploaded from the PC to the mainframe for data sharing and
    updating of corporate data with proper authorization. Offers security
    facilities. Through the use of Import and Export facilities, data can
    be formatted into DIF, CSV, SuperCalc, Lotus 1–2–3, dBase II/III and
    Multiplan so data can be exchanged with other PC software. Procedural
    facilities are provided to combine functions for automatic and
    unattended execution of repetitive tasks. The program is a component
    of CA-DATACOM/PC, an integrated DBMS for data management and
    information access. Can also be used standalone for mainframe access
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    = 1984