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      Windows 3.X
      Windows 3.X
    = support agreement available 
    Windows front-end for client workstations accessing CA-DB, CA-IDMS and
    CA-DATACOM and DB2 databases using SQL. Accesses databases in
    compliance with ODBC. Integrates with other MS-Windows-based data
    modeling, graphics and presentation tools to provide integrated
    decision support environment for end users.- 
    Front end for client workstations accessing Enterprise Information.
    Designed for decision support. Allows the user to insert, delete,
    update and extract vital information from SQL databases. Uses the
    Query By Example (QBE) model for data access that does not require
    knowledge of SQL commands and syntax. Contains facilities for
    generating Windows-based menus and forms that can be tailored to all
    the varying needs of an organization. The user can define Windows
    menus and forms with up to eight levels of nesting, giving users
    access to whatever functionality specified. The form editor allows
    the user to define all the standard features of the Windows
    environment, such as dialog boxes, radio buttons, push buttons, list
    boxes and check boxes. Features the ability to define help systems
    and exchange data with other programs. The user can construct more
    complex queries containing subqueries, comparisons, calculated
    columns, conditions and predefined joins. Once defined, queries can
    be translated automatically into SQL. Supports all Windows facilities
    for transferring data between applications. This includes the
    clipboard function, as well as the use of DDE.
      decision support
    = 4 MB 
    = 4 MB 
    = No 
    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= Yes 
    = EGA 
    = 1992