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    Provides connectivity between PCs and CA-DB databases on VAX/VMS and
    UNIX. Allows users to utilize CA-DB end-user tools on PC to access
    corporate data under CA-DB and develop/execute applications on PC that
    communicate with CA-DB servers on VAX/VMS and UNIX.- 
    Designed to run in a client-server mode providing transparent support
    to interactive users, applications and utilities. Provides the
    connectivity between CA-DB and PCs. The integrated environment can be
    used to access corporate data as well as develop and execute
    applications on the PC that communicate with CA-DB servers. Provides
    distributed computing on the desktop. Applications can be developed
    using industry standard SQL on the PC. These applications can be run
    on the PC or they can be ported to run on VAX/VMS or UNIX platforms.
    Together with precompilers and application development tools, it
    provides an integrated environment to develop and run OLTP
    applications against CA-DB databases. Uses Digital's NAS standards to
    communicate between the PC and VAX. It can also use the industry
    standard TCP/IP protocol to communicate between the PC and UNIX
    platforms. Integrates with CA-QbyX for CA-DB and CA-Compete! to
    provide a query and decision support development environment.
    Applications can be developed in COBOL, C or FORTRAN with embedded
    SQL. The SQL queries are compiled and stored in the database for use
    when the query is executed, thus providing more effective response
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    EMS= Yes 
    MOUSE= No 
    = 1992