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NIKA_ROOT BenchWorks
      IBM AIX
    A toolset that lets uses evaluate, test, and tune an Rdb system using a
     precise application model (data and workload). BenchWorks is driven by
     a GUI, and automates and facilitates all aspects of benchmarking and testing
     an Rdb system, including designing the database and the workload, and
     multiclient simulation and analysis. BenchWorks' Automatic Test Data Generator
     (ADG) lets users generate a complicated dataset for testing client/server
     systems in the early phases of a project where no data or partial data
     is available. The tool provides standard data types and a variety of distributions,
     including custom, user-defined distributions for synthetic test data.
     When partial data is available, ADG takes the existing data and mixes
     it (if necessary). BenchWorks' Workload Modeler provides an environment
     for workload modeling. Users can specify a workload in C, using BenchWorks
     libraries, to model any situation (including mixing transactions) and
     synchronize tasks. BenchWorks also provides analysis andvisualization
     tools. Users can compute and graphically display statistics such as frequency
     vs. response time for a selected transaction, and throughput vs. elapsed
     time. Runs on SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX. $35,000. www.infogy.com=$35,000